The ideal Crete location for your next summer holiday.  You like the beach? Tholos Bay Suites has that just beyond our front yard. It curves in an arc more than 700 m., sandy shore on one end, pebbly shore on the other. The shallow waters and sandy bottom are superb. Maybe you prefer mountains?  We have those, too,  where you can hike and visit archaeological sites.  

​​Tholos Bay Suites are family-friendly luxury vacation rentals centrally located in Eastern Crete on Mirabello Gulf, 20 km from the southernmost city of Europe, Ierapetra, 30 km from the cosmopolitan city of Agios Nikolaos and 3 km from the traditional village of Kavousi.​ 

Groves of olive trees surround the village, beginning at the foot of the Mountain Thrypti, where Kavousi is built, and continuing through the valley all the way to the sea.  But most importantly, the village of Kavousi is surrounded by history, proven by the nearby archaeological sites of Vrontas, Kastro, Acropolis Azoria, ruins of Minoan settlements and a Monumental Olive Tree approximately 4,000 years old, perhaps the world's oldest.

Island Pseira, in the middle of the bay, creates natural protection for Tholos Bay. As a result, Tholos Beach has shallow waters with a sandy bottom for the first 50m and then gently deepens. The beach is ideal for kids, relaxing, playing or professional swimming.

Across the bay is the famous Elouda-Plaka area with its world class resorts and the historical island of Spinalonga.

Kavousi, in addition to the traditional tavernas and kafeneia, has 25 churches, some of them from the Byzantine Era.

Nature fans will find many interesting walking paths with a mixture of flora, fauna and history from the Minoan, Roman and Venetian Periods. 

In the city of Ierapetra, day-trips to Chrissi Island via small ferry boats are available.

In the city of Heraklion (70 km) you can visit the Minoan Museum and the Palace of Knossos the Minoan capital from where ''western civilization began". 

During the year, especially summer, there are dozens of cultural events and festivals with Greek music and Cretan dance, as well as, food and local wines. 

​Tholos Bay Suites luxury vacation rentals: find location and directions on Google Maps.

Below are links to other sitesof interest with practical travel information and the Kavousi and Tholos Beach area.

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